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Board of Directors' Meeting Notice 
Pool Rules!  

Recreational Facility/Pool Rules:

1.      Operation Hours are 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. seven days a week.  All gates must remain closed and locked at all times.


3.      The Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with the use of the Recreational Area or for any loss or damage to personal property.  Use of the pool is at your own risk.

4.      Each owner will receive one (1) key to gain entry into the gated facility.  The keys are property of the Association.  The Association will issue one (1) key per household.  One additional key can be obtained for a $50.00 fee.  Upon selling your home, the Owner is responsible for providing the new Owner with their keys.  To request a replacement or additional key, the following conditions must be met:

·        Homeowner must be listed on Title

·        Valid photo I.D. must be provided

·        A check in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) made payable to the Lotus Walk Corporation


5.      Recreational Facility guests are limited to four (4) per household and must be accompanied by their hosting Resident at all times.  No private swim parties are allowed. 

6.      Owners are responsible for their own actions as well as their children, guests, or tenant and could be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Association’s Enforcement Procedures.

  1. The rules governing public pools with respect to health standards will be enforced.  Person with colds, coughs, red or infected eyes, skin eruptions, open wounds or sores, or any contagious diseases are not permitted in the swimming pool or spa.


  1. It is recommended that all swimmers shower before entering the pool and/or spa.  Usual and customary swim attire must be worn at all times while in the pool or spa.  Inappropriate attire

 includes, but is not limited to, cut-offs, Bermuda shorts or long pants.  Swimmers should tie back shoulder-length or longer hair to avoid clogging pool filters.


  1. Noise or music should be kept at minimum level, confined to your personal area and not be so loud as to disturb your neighbors.  Any radios, tape players, CD players, mp3 players, or similar devices must be battery operated and are not allowed to be plugged into any electrical receptacles within the pool area.  Use of headphones is recommended.


  1. Incontinent persons, including infants and toddlers, are required to wear pull on swim diapers at all times while in the pool.  Disposable diapers are not allowed.


  1. Not allowed at any time in the pool and spa areas:


    • No diving
    • No pets
    • No glass
    • No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, skates or roller blades
    • No running, pushing or horseplay
    • No squirt guns or other water projecting devices
    • No alcoholic beverages
    • No smoking


  1. Adding any substance to the pool or spa such as bubble bath, soap, etc., is prohibited.


  1. No air mattresses or floating recliners or similar items, large hard balls, tennis balls, rocks, coins, or other similar foreign matter is permitted in the pool.  Allowable small items for assistance in swimming are permitted as long as they are manufactured for use in a swimming pool and are unbreakable and large enough not to get caught in the pool’s filtration system.


  1. For safety reasons, person under five (5) years of age may not use the spa.  Persons subject to heart trouble, high blood pressure, fainting, pregnancy, or other ailment aggravated by heat should restrict usage or practice caution while using the spa.  NOTE:  In accordance with Health standards, spa water temperatures are dangerous to young children.  USE OF THE SPA IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.


  1. Adjusting equipment controls regulating the pool and spa is prohibited.


  1. Pool safety equipment is for emergency use only.  Owners responsible for damage to pool equipment or furnishings will be required to reimburse the Association for costs related to the damage.


  1. All personal belongings must be removed when leaving the pool area.  Please clean up after each use and either place trash in an appropriate receptacle or take it with you for disposal.


posted: 6/5/2012
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